Google Resolves Site Name Issue

Google Resolves Site Names Issue in Search Results

A site name is crucial for a website as it helps users identify the brand in the search engine results pages (SERPs). For instance, if your company is known as Acme Anvil Company, Google aims to display this name in the SERPs. However, a problem arose in September 2023, where site names weren’t properly appearing on inner pages when ranked in search results.

Problem with Site Name Propagation

On September 7, 2023, Google acknowledged the issue in their documentation, stating that site names weren’t propagating to inner pages shown in the SERPs. This led to confusion as the site name displayed for the homepage might differ from that of internal pages. Google actively worked to address this problem.

“Known issue: site name isn’t appearing for internal pages. We’re actively working to address this. We will update this help page when this issue is resolved.”

Google Fixes the Issue

Recently, Google removed the documentation warning about the site name problem. The changelog highlighted the resolution:

  • What: Removed the warning about the issue that was preventing new site names from propagating to internal pages.
  • Why: The issue has been resolved. It may take time for Google to recrawl and process the new information.

While the cause of the problem remains unknown, it’s noteworthy that Google finally fixed the site name propagation issue. This raises questions about the priority of the issue or if backend changes enabled the resolution.

For more information, you can read Google’s updated site names documentation here.

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