The Checklist To Avoid Footprint In Your Private Blog Network

When using PBN, it is essential that you will not leave any footprint behind. If you do, your site will be deindexed in one snap of a finger. Here is a checklist that you need to take note to ensure that you’re not leaving any trail behind. Check out the information and avoid getting caught.

1. Domain


If you have a PBN, there is a group of sites you have that needs to be unique to prevent a red flag. You can start with the domain. If you use .com all the time, the chances are high that it can be tracked. I would recommend that you mix it with other domains to avoid any conflict. Use .org, .net or some others if you have the chance. You need to make sure that the domain can utilize general topics to your advantage.

2. Registrars


It is essential that you use different registrars to avoid footprints. Another important thing that you need to remember is that you should not be too excited when you are trying to register the domains. Registering multiple domains at the same time is a big no. Also, you should never use the same email address as it will be a problem.

3. Site Creation


The website itself should appear real and not just a front for the primary internet site. You need to be careful with the details when you’re creating the content for a PBN site. It’s because you want to be able to fully maximize the use of it to get the benefits from it. You need to create a logo for the site to make it more realistic. Make sure you mix and match the theme and give the site a soul. Add some details like the owner or who’s the editor.

If you are using PBN, be careful with the footprints you leave behind. Instead of being able to use the website to your advantage, things could go wrong, and you’ll end up losing it.