YouTube Brandcast: New Creator Takeovers, WNBA Games & More

New YouTube Offerings Unveiled at Brandcast 2024

YouTube recently revealed four groundbreaking announcements during its 13th annual Brandcast event held at David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center. The event showcased a mix of exciting content and advertising innovations that will reshape the digital landscape for creators, viewers, and brands alike.

Key Announcements Include:

  • WNBA Friday Night Games: Google and Scripps Sports have partnered to bring WNBA Friday night games exclusively to YouTube TV. With a focus on local and national games, YouTube TV will be the sole digital multichannel video programming distributor offering this content, starting on May 31 and continuing through the regular season.
  • Creator Takeovers via YouTube Select: YouTube is expanding its creator takeover program to provide brands with a unique opportunity to collaborate with top creators and capture 100% share of voice on their channel, enhancing engagement with fans.
  • Non-Skips for Video Reach Campaigns: YouTube introduced a new AI-powered format optimized for connected TV (CTV) that features non-skippable assets across in-stream inventory.
  • Branded QR Codes: YouTube launched branded QR codes, enabling advertisers to drive greater interactivity and brand visibility through modern QR code technology.

Insight From YouTube Executives:

During the event, YouTube executives shared their vision for the platform’s future. Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube, emphasized the impact of creators on the entertainment industry, stating that they are reshaping traditional TV genres and inventing new ones. Mohan highlighted the need to recognize creators’ contributions and achievements, suggesting that it is time for a creator to win an Emmy.

Mary Ellen Coe, Chief Business Officer of YouTube, underscored the unparalleled engagement of YouTube fans, emphasizing their enthusiastic response to new content and the opportunities for brands to connect with this dedicated audience.

Sean Downey, President of Americas and Global Partners at Google, discussed the role of Google AI in advancing advertising solutions and driving ROI for brands.

Performance Highlights and Audience Insights:

The event featured musical performances by renowned artists and YouTube creators, reflecting the platform’s diverse content ecosystem. A survey conducted by Kantar revealed that YouTube remains the top choice for viewers in the United States, reflecting the platform’s widespread popularity.

Throughout the evening, critical data on YouTube’s viewership and advertising impact was shared, illustrating the platform’s dominance in streaming watch time and viewer engagement. Advertisers gained valuable insights on the effectiveness of YouTube’s advertising solutions, including higher return on ad spend compared to traditional TV and other online platforms.

Future Expectations:

As the event concluded, attendees were informed of further announcements expected at VidCon Anaheim 2024, scheduled for June 26–29, 2024. With continued innovation and exciting developments on the horizon, YouTube remains at the forefront of digital content creation and advertising.

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