Wix Introduces Three New AI Image Tools

Wix Introduces Innovative AI Image Editing Tools

Recently, Wix made a significant announcement regarding the incorporation of three cutting-edge image editing tools into their array of AI-driven website building tools. This strategic move aims to provide a more comprehensive and seamless experience for users within their website creation process. By integrating these new AI image generation and editing tools alongside the existing AI Website Builder, Wix has solidified its position as a one-stop solution for individuals and businesses seeking to develop professional websites with ease.

Gone are the days when Wix users had to navigate between multiple applications or invest in third-party tools for image creation and optimization. With these latest enhancements, everything necessary for crafting and enhancing images is conveniently accessible within the Wix platform, streamlining the website development journey.

Overview of the Three New AI Image Tools:

The introduction of these three key tools represents a groundbreaking advancement in image editing capabilities, significantly reducing the reliance on external resources:

  • AI Image Creator: This tool empowers Wix users to generate unique images for their websites from scratch, eliminating the need for pricey stock image subscriptions. Through a user-friendly text-to-image prompt system, individuals can describe their desired image, prompting the AI to bring it to life in various styles such as photos, paintings, illustrations, and cartoons.
  • Object Eraser: A standout feature that enables users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from photographs. By simply highlighting the object for deletion, individuals can enhance the quality of their images without requiring advanced technical or editing skills.
  • AI Image Editor: Operating on a prompt-based mechanism, this tool allows users to make targeted modifications to images, whether it involves adding elements or altering specific sections. By outlining the desired changes, users can instruct the AI to implement adjustments such as transforming textures or modifying clothing articles within an image.

In a statement by Ido Kosover, Head of Media at Wix, he emphasized the significance of these AI-powered features in simplifying the website creation process and ensuring professional-grade outcomes:

“These AI-powered features underscore our commitment to providing users with powerful tools that simplify the website creation process while ensuring professional-quality results.”

Wix’s innovative AI image tools not only offer enhanced convenience and efficiency but also deliver exceptional value to users by eliminating the need for external tools and services. This inclusive approach ensures that professional-quality images are accessible to all Wix users, irrespective of their technical expertise.

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