Top 8 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page for Business Success

Harnessing Facebook for Enhanced Business Promotion

Whether you believe Facebook continues to lead the social media landscape or not, it remains an undeniably potent tool for businesses aiming to amplify their online presence. However, creating a Facebook Page for your enterprise is merely the initial step on your journey toward successful Facebook marketing.

The true efficacy of the platform lies in mastering effective Facebook Page promotion, enabling you to reach users, generate awareness, and build trust in your business. This article is designed for those ready to elevate the visibility and impact of their Facebook Page, be it a fresh startup or an established brand seeking to increase engagement. We will delve into the fundamentals of Facebook Page promotion to unlock the platform’s vast potential.

Why Your Business Should Continue to Utilize Facebook

The question of whether businesses should still use Facebook garners a resounding affirmative response. Consider the following reasons to appreciate its significance.

Firstly, with an astonishing 3.049 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the preeminent social media platform worldwide. While emerging platforms are indeed gaining traction, none can rival Facebook’s extensive reach, making it an indispensable platform for connecting with a broad and diverse audience.

Secondly, Facebook’s engagement metrics remain impressive. The average Android user invests over 18 hours per month on the app, and according to SimilarWeb, ranks as the third most visited website in the United States. This substantial engagement signifies myriad opportunities for businesses to capture potential customer attention.

Moreover, consider that 54.3% of Facebook users aged 16 to 64 report leveraging the platform to follow or research brands and products. Thus, Facebook plays a vital role in both brand discovery and the pre-purchase phase.

Let’s explore how to maximize your Facebook Page’s potential.

Top Strategies to Promote Your Facebook Page

Whether you’re new to Facebook or have been active for a while, consistently getting your content in front of new audiences—and converting those viewers into followers—is crucial. Here are eight strategies to effectively promote your Facebook Page:

1. Imbue Your Page with a Personal Touch

Creating a Facebook Page for your business humanizes your brand. While a “fan Page” differs from personal profiles, it still allows followers to engage with your posts. Authenticity and personal connection are more crucial than ever. Users seek interaction with businesses that feel genuine rather than merely corporate entities.

Share stories reflecting your brand’s values, highlight customer experiences, and offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into your operations. For instance, Patagonia uses its Facebook platform to showcase its commitment to environmental sustainability and shares stories triggering global engagement. The company not only promotes products but also emphasizes shared values.

2. Utilize High-Quality Visual Content

Visual storytelling is dominant in social media, and users expect high-quality imagery. Your Facebook Page should meet this demand with crisp, engaging visuals that reflect your brand essence and messaging. Focus on two primary visual elements:

  • Your Profile: Ensure your profile picture and cover photo are of high quality. The optimal cover photo size is 851 pixels by 315 pixels, and the profile photo size should ideally be 196 by 196 pixels.
  • Your Posts: For shared content, aim for 1200 pixels by 630 pixels to ensure visuals display perfectly on both mobile and desktop feeds. Experiment with various dimensions, such as 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels for square images, or 1080 pixels by 1350 pixels for portrait images. For Facebook Stories, a vertical format of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels is recommended.

Pair these visuals with valuable content tailored to your audience’s interests. GoPro exemplifies this by using user-generated content to engage followers, enhancing their Facebook Page’s appeal.

3. Enable the “Call to Action” Button

Incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) button on your Facebook Page to direct your audience toward business goals, such as shopping, booking appointments, or contacting your company. Select a CTA aligning with your objectives. For example, National Geographic employs its CTA to encourage subscriptions to their magazine.

4. Participate in or Create Facebook Groups

Joining and creating Facebook Groups offers substantial visibility and authority for your brand. Engage in groups that align with your industry, values, or target market, commenting and contributing valuably to foster recognition and trust. Alternatively, create your own group centered around a related topic, offering it as a resource hub. For example, the Canva Design Community Group provides a platform for users to discuss design-related topics, fostering a community of over 394,000 members.

5. Leverage Your Existing Network

Capitalize on your existing network to promote your Facebook Page. Share it across other social platforms, embed links on your website, and include it in your email signature. Ensure your current network directs back to your Facebook Page, enhancing visibility and follower count. The Australian meal delivery brand The Dinner Ladies integrates a direct link to its Facebook Page in its email newsletters.

6. Utilize Facebook Stories and Facebook Live

Facebook Stories and Live offer genuine connections with your audience. Facebook Stories allow for casual interactions through short, engaging posts, while Facebook Live provides real-time, intimate connections. Use Live for events, updates, or Q&A sessions, fostering community and transparency. The Wall Street Journal utilizes Facebook Stories to provide quick, engaging updates to its followers.

7. Maintain a Regular Schedule: Consistency is Key

Consistency is crucial for any endeavor, including Facebook. Maintain a regular posting schedule to keep your brand fresh and show new visitors the expectancy of regular content. Aim to post one to two times daily or several times weekly. Automating posts using WordPress plugins or specialized software can help maintain consistency despite busy schedules.

8. Engage Your Audience and Peers

Engage actively on Facebook by interacting with individuals and businesses aligned with your brand’s values. Avoid self-promotion; instead, offer thoughtful, genuine comments. Authentic interactions increase the likelihood of others exploring your Page. Network with industry peers and influencers to share insights and build connections.

Maximizing Facebook Page Follower Growth

With these tools in hand, promoting your Facebook Page need not be daunting. Deliver high-quality content consistently, interact with others authentically, and employ Facebook’s built-in tools effectively. Persevere, and you will begin to see the results you desire, transforming your Facebook Page into a robust channel for business growth.

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