Rapid Development of AI in Ad Creatives: Overview

The Rise of AI in Ad Creatives

AI is everywhere these days, and the advertising world is no exception. In the early days of generative AI, creatives are seeing a rapid evolution, especially for advertisers. Google Marketing Live showcased new AI creative capabilities for various ad types, including Search, Shopping, Performance Max, and YouTube ads.

With so many advancements, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Understanding how these features work, their benefits, and their evolution is crucial for staying ahead in the advertising game.

Empowering Your Creative Strategy

AI-powered features aim to help generate ideas, scale relevant ad creatives, and save time and resources. However, they are not meant to replace human creativity. Marketers play a vital role in ensuring that the generated creatives accurately represent their brand.

These AI features are designed to work in conjunction with your inputs, such as landing pages, manual assets, and keywords, to enhance your ad campaigns.

Automatically Created Assets

Automatically created assets (ACA) generate headlines and descriptions for responsive search ads (RSAs) and Performance Max asset groups. These assets aim to improve ad relevance and performance by creating more tailored ads based on user queries.

Using generative AI, automatically created assets are evolving to support advertisers with English language assets, with plans to expand to more languages in the future.

Applicable campaign types: Search, Performance Max.

What it generates: Text assets for RSAs and Performance Max.

Setting location: Campaign level settings.

When it generates assets: After the campaign is live.

What it sources from: Automatically created assets are based on your ad’s context, including landing pages and existing ads.

Controls: Opt in or out at the campaign level and review asset performance.

For more information on automatically created assets, click here.

Dynamic Assets

Dynamic assets, such as image assets, sitelinks, structured snippets, and callouts, offer additional automated options at the account level. These assets are sourced from your landing page content and do not currently use generative AI.

Dynamic assets can complement your manual assets and improve ad performance across various campaigns.

Applicable campaign types: Most ad types across multiple campaigns.

Setting location: Campaigns > Assets > Account level automated assets settings tab.

What it sources from: Content on your landing page.

Controls: Manage dynamic assets at the account level settings.

Learn more about account-level automated assets here.

Asset Generation In Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns offer asset generation features that allow advertisers to create custom text and image assets using text-to-text and text-to-image prompts. These assets are generated based on your website content and can be curated to match your brand guidelines.

Applicable campaign types: Performance Max.

What it generates: Text and image assets.

Setting location: Optional during campaign creation.

When it generates assets: During campaign creation and editing.

What it sources from: Website content and AI-generated images.

For more information on building asset groups with generative AI, visit here.

Conversational Experience For Search Ads

Introduced in November, the conversational experience for Search ads leverages large language models to create keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and sitelinks for English language Search campaigns.

This chat-based feature aims to streamline the ad creation process and provide unique assets for advertisers.

Applicable campaign types: Eligible Search campaigns in English.

What it generates: Keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, sitelinks.

Setting location: Available during Search campaign construction.

Controls: Review and revise suggested assets for accuracy.

For detailed information on using the conversational experience, click here.

Coming Soon – AI Creatives News from Google Marketing Live

Google Marketing Live has announced upcoming features to enhance AI creatives, including brand guidelines for Performance Max, an AI image editor in the Asset Library, and new ad formats like animated image ads and 3D Spin & Try on for Shopping ads.

These advancements aim to provide advertisers with more tools to create engaging and personalized ad experiences for their audience.

Stay tuned for these exciting updates in the world of AI-powered advertising!

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