Marketers Overlook Reddit, Missing Untapped Potential

The Significance of Reddit in the Current Social Media Landscape

In nearly two decades of its existence, Reddit has emerged as a highly influential and dynamic online community. It has not only shaped much of today’s internet culture but also secured its place as one of the top 10 social media platforms globally, attracting over 500,000 monthly visitors across more than 100,000 active communities.

Despite its substantial size and influence, many marketers have historically shied away from leveraging Reddit. This hesitation largely stems from Reddit’s reputation as one of the most challenging communities to penetrate for marketing success. Achieving meaningful engagement on Reddit necessitates months, if not years, of devoted participation and genuine interactions.

Nevertheless, for those willing to invest the necessary effort, Reddit offers a fertile ground for marketing success, characterized by its unique capacity to foster authenticity and genuine connections. Marketers who neglect Reddit’s potential miss out on a highly engaged and influential community that values transparency and meaningful interaction.

Reddit Statistics Worth Noting

The dedication of Reddit users is unparalleled, with 82 million (16.4%) of its 500 million users visiting the site daily. This user base drives over 1 billion posts and 16 billion comments across 100,000+ active communities, making Reddit one of the most visited and active platforms in the United States.

Reddit users spend, on average, 20 minutes on the platform each day, a figure that rises to over 45 minutes for long-term users of more than seven years. Furthermore, a significant portion of Reddit’s user base is inactive on other social media platforms: 32% on Facebook, 37% on Instagram, 41% on TikTok, and 53% on X.

A 2019 survey unveiled that Reddit’s audience is predominantly male (59%), primarily aged 18-49, and well-educated (42% hold a college degree, 31% have some college education). This demographic is invaluable for businesses targeting educated and engaged users. Reddit’s revenue growth also underscores its potential, having increased by 21% to $804 million in 2023, with a forecasted global addressable advertising market of $1.4 trillion by 2027.

Reddit’s user base is not limited to North America; over 50% of its traffic now comes from international users. This diverse user base allows communities to thrive and evolve, ensuring a broad spectrum of engagement across various subreddits.

Reddit’s Prominence in Google Search Results

Reddit’s content has long been prominently displayed in Google search results, so much so that users often append “Reddit” to their search queries. This visibility was amplified by Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU), which increased the frequency of forum and discussion content in search results.

Recognizing the valuable, user-generated content on Reddit, Google struck a deal with the platform to feature its content more quickly in search results and utilize it for training future AI models. This partnership has resulted in increased visibility and faster indexing of Reddit posts, making Reddit a critical component in search strategies.

Google addressed concerns about the prevalence of Reddit content in search results, noting that actual searchers appreciate and seek out forum content. The quick indexing of Reddit content – sometimes within five minutes – further underscores its significance in satisfying user information needs.

Implications for Brands and Marketers

The synergy between Reddit and platforms like Google and OpenAI demonstrates the high value placed on Reddit’s content. Brands keen on increasing their visibility on Google and within ChatGPT should consider leveraging Reddit’s unique community-driven platform.

It is crucial to approach Reddit with a strategy that emphasizes genuine engagement and understanding of the platform. Spamming or attempting to game the system can backfire. Instead, brands should focus on contributing valuable content and fostering authentic interactions.

Successful Brand Campaigns on Reddit

Noosa Yoghurt

Noosa Yoghurt’s 2021 back-to-school campaign on Reddit is a prime example of effectively engaging niche audiences. By launching a Flavor Poll, Noosa created a sense of community around its brand. The campaign included a Promoted Post showcasing results via a custom infographic, driving significant engagement and insights into consumer preferences.

The results:

  • 49% increase in brand recall among Reddit users exposed to the campaign.
  • 30% increase in brand favorability.
  • 39% increase in purchase intent (15x typical lift in the food vertical).
  • 50+ billion monthly views.

Sony Pictures Germany

To promote “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” in Germany, Sony Pictures Germany crafted a Reddit campaign combining organic and promoted content. Using the protagonist’s Reddit account, u/MilesMorales, the campaign shared exclusive content and engaged fans through an AMA with the German voice actor, amplifying excitement and fan connection.

The results:

  • CTR 344% higher than standard paid media.
  • 618,000 impressions.
  • No. 1 on German movie charts for three consecutive weeks.

Genuine Engagement and Feedback

Beyond promotion, Reddit is invaluable for obtaining honest feedback. Whether gauging audience desires, testing new concepts, or maintaining open communication, Reddit provides a unique platform for meaningful interactions and community support.

Transamerica’s Finance Campaign

Transamerica’s campaign on the subreddit /r/finance exemplifies how companies can leverage Reddit for market research and content creation. Engaging with the audience through relevant financial topics, the company generated valuable feedback to inform future marketing strategies and foster a sense of community alignment.

Conclusion: Why Your Brand Should Be on Reddit

If your brand seeks to genuinely connect with its audience and has meaningful contributions to make, then yes, you should be on Reddit. While Reddit communities are less tolerant of self-serving promotion, the platform can drive exceptional performance when approached thoughtfully. By addressing users’ needs and participating authentically, brands can tap into one of the internet’s most influential audiences.

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