Duda Unveils New AI Assistant Features

Duda Website Builder For Digital Agencies

Duda has recently introduced new AI assistant features designed to assist digital agencies in scaling their website creation and optimization processes. These innovative tools aim to streamline operations, enabling agencies to efficiently handle a larger client base without incurring additional costs.

Duda Platform Overview

Duda is a proprietary website builder platform tailored for digital marketing agencies. It empowers agencies to expand their clientele without the need to hire additional web developers to support their growth. The platform simplifies the creation and maintenance of high-quality websites, offering digital agencies the option to white label their services for a personalized client experience.

Duda AI Assistant Features

Among the notable additions to Duda’s suite of AI tools are the Sections and Alt Text features. The Sections tool leverages AI to generate webpage layouts based on user prompts, significantly reducing the time and effort required for page design and content creation. This intuitive tool enables designers to convey their vision effortlessly, akin to a scene from a futuristic movie.

Furthermore, the enhanced Alt Text tool now includes bulk image alt text generation for improved accessibility and search engine optimization. Users can effortlessly create alt text in multiple languages, enhancing the overall user experience and site visibility.

Video Of AI Tool

According to Duda’s official statement:

“Duda’s AI sections tool automatically generates new site sections with suggested design, layout, copy, and images from a short user-provided prompt in just a few clicks. This feature drastically reduces the time needed to lay out the page, write copy, and select images. Now, content sections can be tailored and stylized in seconds.
Similarly, Duda’s AI alt text tool boosts productivity by enabling the creation of alt text for all site images at once. Users can generate alt text in multiple languages for images lacking tags or for all site images, streamlining the process of optimizing websites for SEO and accessibility.”

Duda’s commitment to enhancing their products underscores their dedication to empowering digital agencies to cut costs while expanding their client base, fostering continued growth and increased profitability.

For more information, you can access the official announcement here.

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